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About Make Time 4 Massage

My Location: 22400 SE Stark St. #106 Gresham, OR 97030.   I can also be reached by booking at:

In brief: I started massage in 2010.  My goal for each client's massage is for them to feel better and be in a more balanced state when they are through with their session.  To do that I use Swedish massage as the base, then incorporate some Thai, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Myofascial work to give a well-rounded massage depending on the client's needs. If I will need to do anything heavy, I also use heat before I work to warm up the surrounding area.  For the fluffy part, (smiles) I love to use peppermint on the feet in hot towels at the end.   It's nice for both men and women.  Sometimes I use other essential oils also.  It just depends on what someone has going on.  I am also an LMT volunteer with, which is an awesome group with free massage, counseling and other services for Veterans returning from Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  If you, or anyone you know qualifies, please look into their program.