Make Time 4 Massage - Company Message
In my work I run into many good practitioners, businesses and great places to visit for relaxation, health, and fun.  As it is my primary goal to help people be in a better place, I have decided to list the people and places that are totally worth a visit.  As I continue to find more, I will continue to update the list.  Please feel free to try out all of these recommendations, you may even find you like several as much as I do!

Renda of Renda Roo's Beauty Biz in downtown Gresham is awesome.  She does hair, nails, facials and even candling for clogged ears.  503-757-4260

Sande Mullany is a Shiatsu practioner in downtown Portland.  Fabulous work. 503-860-7906  

Julie Riha does myofascial work in downtown Portland and she really knows her modality! You can reach her at

Dr. Kenneth Wecker is a chiropractor.  I found him 5 years ago when looking for a replacement for the bad one my dad was using.  Now instead of being in pain for 3 days after his treatment every couple weeks, Dad is only mildly uncomfortable and it only lasts a couple hours.  The level of care Dr. Wecker uses is heartwarming and I recommend him to anyone looking for help in the chiro department.  His phone is 503-489-6245.