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In my work I run into many good practitioners, businesses and great places to visit for relaxation, health, and fun. As it is my primary goal to help people be in a better place, I have decided to list the people and places that are totally worth a visit. As I continue to find more, I will continue to update the list. Please feel free to try out all of these recommendations, you may even find you like several as much as I do!

Eva Riskin does amazing facials and beautiful eye lash extensions. She's the only other therapist of any sort that I've been to who does hot towels for your feet while giving you a facial. Ahhhhhhh! Her eye lash work is borderline artistic and she can work wonders with the most difficult lashes. She gives me the "oo your eyes look fabulous" look without making me seem like I have caterpillars on my eyelids, nor does she make them so long as to make me look like a prize cow. Her contact info is 503-662-7236

Julie Riha does myofascial work in downtown Portland and she really knows her modality! You can reach her at

Dr. Kenneth Wecker is a chiropractor. I found him 5 years ago when looking for a replacement for the bad one my dad was using. Now instead of being in pain for 3 days after his treatment every couple weeks, Dad is only mildly uncomfortable and it only lasts a couple hours. The level of care Dr. Wecker uses is heartwarming and I recommend him to anyone looking for help in the chiro department. His phone is 503-489-6245.

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